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These Bamboo Wipes are the perfect replacement for disposable cotton balls or MU wipes because they are gentle on the skin yet highly absorbent. They can be used to remove makeup and impurities from the face and eyes to leave your skin feeling clean and fabulous!

Each set of facial wipes includes, wipes backed with luxuriously soft bamboo terry toweling and wipes backed with ultra-soft bamboo fleece. The bamboo terry toweling wipes are designed to give a deeper facial cleanse while the soft and gentle bamboo fleece wipes are perfect for gently removing makeup from the thinner and more sensitive skin around the eyes.

Each double-sided wipe is 10cm in diameter

Each patterned-side wipe is 8cm in diameter

How to maintain: They are fully machine washable and air dry but we recommend you do not use fabric softeners. This is because it may reduce the absorbency of your bamboo makeup wipes.

Double-sided: Width: 10cm | Height: 3.5cm | Content: 10pack | Shipping Weight: 66g
Patterned-side: Width: 8cm | Height: 2cm | Content: 10pack | Shipping Weight: 40g

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