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These Sage and Rain soaps are handmade using only natural and pure ingredients. The most luxurious pure essential oils are used to scent these soaps, creating the best possible smells. These soap bars are long lasting and give the skin a nice lather so you can feel fresh and clean. They are free from chemicals, phosphates, sodium lauryl sulfates and parabens.

  • Bay & Orange: a fresh revitalising scent, good for waking you up with a bit of zest!
  • Mandarin & Patchouli: zesty, musky and sweet, the perfect scent for anyone at any time.
  • Lavender: classic and hard to pass up. That comforting lavender smell you know and love is exactly what to expect with this one.
  • Exotic Rose: fresh and sweet like a spring morning. Imagine walking through a rose garden, that’s the delicious scent we’re talking here!

How to use: Wet your hands and rub the soap bar between them gently until you work up a creamy lather. Smooth the lather evenly over your body gently massaging it into your skin with a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Dimensions: Height: 2cm | Width: 5.5cm | Length: 8cm | Content: 100g | Shipping Weight: 100g

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$8.00 $8.90

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