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The perfect remedy for those who need a little extra hair softness, make the swap to  Conditioner/Hair Masque bar that comes with minimalist compostable packaging to reduce our collective waste.

This is the perfect bar to use when transitioning to our SHAMPOO BARS or for those who just need a little extra conditioning to get by. You can also use it as a hair treatment once a fortnight to keep your hair bouncy.

How to use: Thoroughly wet your hair and wash as per usual. When ready, run this bar through the ends of your wet hair. You can either apply it directly to the head or work the bar in your hands first. Comb through with fingers or a brush (if required). Wash out or leave in for up to 30 minutes for a deep-moisturising treatment.

Dimensions: Height: 3.5cm | Width: 7cm | Content: 52g | Shipping Weight: 62g

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