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Your new 100% natural deodorant that really works. It’s gentle on sensitive skin and tough on fighting sweaty pits. This deodorant has been specially formulated with sensitive skin in mind, so if you’re usually a little on the irritated side, we are sure this is set to change your life!

  • Surf (Blue) has a unisex tropical scent and is pH-adjusted to be gentle on your skin. It's popular with guys and gals, especially if you're a fan of tropical cocktails.
  • Urban (Red) is a crowd favourite with its sophisticated yet subtle floral and vanilla aroma and gentle pH-adjusted formula.
  • Wild (Green) is the bestselling deodorant because of its incredible extra strength body-odour busting powers that work all day long.
  • Mellow (Yellow) is the gentlest deodorant, but by no means does that make it less effective! You'll forget you're wearing deodorant and go all day long without a whiff of body odour.

Size - 60g: Height: 10cm | Width: 3.5cm | Shipping Weight: 80g

Size - 10g: Height: 1.5cm | Width: 4cm | Shipping Weight: 15g

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