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Your new favourite sustainable solution for single use plastic wrap.
The unique blend that makes these wraps has been specifically designed to amplify the anti-microbial properties by infusing GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton into the highest quality certified organic Australian beeswax. Adding just a touch of colloidal silver, wild pine resin, and organic Jojoba oil.

Small wrap (23 x 23cm): Covers a bowl, half avocado or lemon.

Medium wrap (28 x 34cm): Wraps a piece of cheese or a kid's sandwich.

Large wrap (34 x 40cm): Covers large vegetables and fruits such as pumpkin, cabbage, cauliflower and melons.

X Large wrap (46 x 50cm): Perfect for loaves of bread, wrap celery or kale. 

Dimensions: Width: 14cm | Length: 24cm | Height: 1cm | Shipping Weight: Family Starter - 130g | Lunch & Snack - 140g | Bread Lover - 180g

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