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We promise these beeswax food wraps will revolutionise your kitchen! Wrapping herbs, veggies and cheese with beeswax wraps keeps them from spoiling, in exactly the right environment for storage.

The secret is that the wraps seals so what’s inside won’t dry out in the fridge, but can still breathe - meaning your food will last that much longer!

Small Apiwraps (15cm x 20cm) are great for half an avocado, half a lemon or wrapping slices of cheese to go with crackers in a snack box.

Medium Apiwraps (20cm x 25cm) are the right size for a wedge of parmesan cheese, leftovers on a plate or a kid's sandwich.

Large Apiwraps (30cm x 35cm) are the perfect size for grown-ups' sandwiches and wraps, big clocks of cheddar, and wedges of watermelon.

Dimensions: Width: 15cm | Length: 21cm | Content: 3 wraps per pack | Shipping Weight: 40g|65g

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$21.21 $24.95

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