It is all about being wise when filling up your pantry at home. In PantryWise, we only support products from local brands because we believe that buying locally has numerous benefits. We work together with local producers who are conscious of the materials and ingredients they use, their focus is on the benefits and impacts their merchandise will have on consumer´s health, environmental care and local economy. In this article, we would like to introduce you to PantryWise values and the reasons why our community was created to be shared with you. Let´s begin!

  1. PantryWise has a purpose with your health and environmental benefits:

The range of products we offer in PantryWise are consciously made by local businesses, using quality materials and ingredients. The whole process is inspired in a balanced consumption that we like call: products made with a purpose. In PantryWise we bring you transparency to what you are consuming, it is important to us that you have more control of what you are including in your diet and more awareness of the footprint produced when shopping. Our service offers personalized tags to all products, making your shopping easier and clearer.

  1. PantryWise community contributes to the growth of local economy:

When buying local, significantly more of that money stays in the community. But how does it happen? Well, local business owners often have incentive to support other local businesses, they get their supplies from each other’s which results in community reinvestment, job creation and giving back. Also, consumer´s purchases and deals between local-sourced businesses keep tax dollars close to home.

PantryWise is supporting local economy by providing to businesses owners a site where they can offer their products 24/7, at the same time, we are opening an opportunity to our community of doing their shopping with a more personal, sustainable and communal support.

  1. PantrysWise introduces you to the people behind the product:

When you get to know about the people behind a brand, you enjoy a connection you would not otherwise have. One of PantryWise most important values is providing to our community with information about the producer´s story and their product´s purpose. We intend this opportunity leads to a closer approach that inspires you and connects you with the community, at the same time than opening opportunities for a better customer service. For instance, local brand owners care about learning from customer´s online product´s reviews and feedbacks and can improve or adjust their outcomes to accomplish their community.

In PantryWise, we are conscious of the unique flavours and original products local businesses offer, it results from producing in small batches and in the majority of cases handcrafted, it is also the reason why their work helps making a town one-of-a-kind. By supporting your local brands, you are actively participating in preserving the uniqueness and in developing your community´s identity.

What a better opportunity than this blog to share with you our pillars and to get inspired together while working on being more conscious and developing our PantryWise community. Share your life intentions with us, leave us your comments and recommendations, let´s all put in practice consuming wisely. Remember there is no need to extremely change your lifestyle at once, often radical decisions don´t last in time. Better if you start with thinking of the purpose and effects of your consumption, then transform step by step the hearth of your home: your pantry.