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Handmade & homegrown sauce, based on a recipe from the Canary Islands of Spain. This sauce features green capsicums and chillies grilled on coals and flavoured with the native lemon myrtle leaf powder.

Serving Suggestions:  It's amazing with fish, chicken and oysters.  Add it to smashed avocado for instant guacamole.  Try it on your eggs Huevo Rancheros-style, or as a tangy salad dressing.

Ingredients: Vinegar, green capsicums, water, onions, green chillies, garlic, Murray river salt, coconut sugar, spices

Dimensions: Height: 15.5cm | Width: 3cm | Length: 8cm | Content: 200ml | Shipping Weight: 410g

Nutritional Information
Av. Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 98
Protein (g) 1.1
Total Fat (g) 0.2
Saturated Fat (g) 0.0
Carbohydrate (g) 2.1
Sugars (g) 1.8
Sodium (mg) 307
Servings per Container: 40
Serving size (ml): 5

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