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A highly nourishing, deep cleansing mask for silky soft, smooth skin. Filled with Australian green bentonite clay, it is a powerful detoxifier that is excellent at drawing toxins from the skin and absorbing excess sebum.
The mask blends bentonite clay with pure aloe vera powder to help soften and hydrate skin, sustainably harvested Aussie-native Kakadu Plum (the most potent source of Vitamin C in nature, a nutrient vital for collagen production), magnesium powder for its many benefits to skin which include preventing breakouts, clearing blackheads, reducing free radical damage with its antioxidant action and diminishing the allergic histamine responses our skin can produce that result in redness and inflammatory skin issues.

How to use: Mix one part mask powder with a tiny bit of water in a dish using the back of a spoon, a brush or a clean finger until you achieve a nice smooth consistency.
Optional but highly recommended - add a pump of your favourite facial oil to make the mask even more hydrating especially if you suffer from very dry or sensitive skin. Apply a thin layer to face or body. Leave for 10 minutes then wipe away with a clean damp towel.
You can also use this product as a daily powder cleanser by simply dipping wet fingers into the powder and massaging into your skin to remove impurities and gently exfoliate.
Alternatively, pop a tablespoon or so straight into your bath and soak up all the goodness that way for a luscious whole body treatment.

This is a natural product with a limited shelf life.Please use within 24 months of purchase.

Dimensions: Height: 2.5cm | Width: 7cm | Content: 60g | Shipping Weight: 70g

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