Farmer Jo

Farmer Jo

We’d like you to meet a couple from Mullimbimby, NSW, Sally and Scott, who started baking oats, nuts and seeds at home in their kitchen, coming up with five delicious flavours of muesli and granola back in 2009.

Their aim is to take all that was great about muesli – basically, it’s incredible health and nutritional benefits – and add some bling. They want to make muesli that has you salsa dancing to the breakfast table wearing flowers in your hair!

A decade on, with a range of 15 types of muesli and granola flavours, including gluten free and paleo mixes, and a strong team which includes Sally’s sister, Michelle, and her partner, Eliseo ­working alongside them. Farmer Jo is now sold around Australia and exports to Japan and elsewhere in Asia.

When the team are creating new products and sourcing new ingredients, they always ask themselves: “would we feed this to our family, to our kids?”. They believe it is their responsibility as a food producer to respect the farmers and the land our food has come from and to care about the end product that they pass onto their customers.

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