Meet Freyja, a woman on a mission to reduce her waste and keep her foods fresh without plastic. Based in Byron Bay, she started making her beeswax wraps a few years ago, with the brand really taking off in 2017.

Over the past eight years Apiwraps has helped over 200,000 homes get rid of cling wrap, saving more than 4 million metres of single use plastic wrap!

Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps are crafted in Australia from local NSW beeswax and GOTS Certified Organic cotton, along with natural pine resin and organic coconut oil, packaged in recycled paper envelopes.

Apiwraps work with only the highest quality materials, reducing waste at every point and ensuring that recycled and recyclable materials are used every step of the way.

Introducing Apiwraps to your home is a step towards a lighter footprint and a lifestyle that embraces natural ways and avoids the mass-produced culture that threatens our very survival.

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