Australia made

Why buy Australian made?

a) Products are of better quality
b) To support Australian above anything
c) Because it creates more jobs in Australia
d) Because it helps the environment

There are no wrong answers here! Any opinion is valid. In some way, all the options are related to each other.

When I say Australian made products, I mean products manufactured in Australia. I know, you may now be wondering what about a Product of Australia? Or Australian Owned? Or Designed in Australia? Well, check out this other article: Australian made vs product of Australia, to learn more about the concept differences.

Buying locally made products has many more benefits than you might imagine. Choosing local is what I like to call: a sustainable practice; and sustainability is not just environmental-ism. Sustainability is meeting our needs without compromising the future of our local economy, society and the environment.

5 Benefits of buying locally made products

1. Economy and society

Anything made in Australia means job opportunities in Australia, and if these products are sold within the country, the dollars continue to circulate in the local economy, benefiting both the Australian economy and communities.

2. Raw materials and ingredients

As much as we like to keep things local, it is impossible to find raw materials and ingredients all over the world. In most cases, raw materials and ingredients depend on weather conditions; in other cases, some industries rely on specialised technology and production processes that are not found everywhere.

That said, any product made in Australia will be better off if its raw materials and ingredients are sourced locally, but that’s not always possible, and that’s ok.

3. Packaging materials

Did you know that when a product made overseas displays a recycling symbol on the package, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can be recycled in Australia? Recycling facilities vary around the world, and even vary between different councils within Australia.

When a product is manufactured in Australia, there are more possibilities to control the type of materials used for packaging; hence it is easier to adjust the packaging to meet the criteria for materials to be recycled in Australian councils.

4. Transport cost for the environment

We have all heard about the impact transportation fuels have on the environment. Simply put, the farther the products travel from their manufacturing location to consumers, the greater the amount of fuel that is consumed.

But it’s not just about transportation fuels. Have you seen the amount of plastic wrap, cardboard protection and tape that an office chair requires, for example, to be transported to Australia from overseas? It’s too much. Now, imagine if that same office chair were made right here in Australia, the packaging material required would be very little.

5. Quality and labour regulations

As with any country, there are quality standards and working condition regulations that all businesses must adhere to. Compared to many other places in the world, Australian businesses are assessed to meet high standards of manufacturing quality, and fair trade regulations are supported and monitored.

When we buy products made overseas, we may be unconsciously supporting businesses that don’t comply with fair trade conditions in their factories; and in most cases, the products may be lower in cost but may also be of lower quality.

 Choose local

Buying locally made products is, in my opinion, a Universal concept; doesn’t necessarily mean made in Australia, local is where we live.

I choose to buy Australian made products when I can because I want to support the local economy, because I care about the local community and because it helps protect our environment. It’s not an easy choice to make, I know. Finding products made in Australia doesn’t seem easy, but it’s fascinating when you discover local brands, then try their products and end up loving them!

Our purchasing choices have a powerful impact on the sustainability of our economy, society and the environment.

Why do you buy Australian made products?

Shop small, shop local, eat local

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