Sustainable Australian-made products

About Us

Your local market from the comfort of your couch?

Say no more. Meet PantryWise ♻️

In a time where leaving home isn’t always appropriate or safe, we were truly missing our local markets. With toilet paper flying off supermarket shelves while small businesses were struggling more than ever - we figured there must be a way to connect small producers with consumers around Australia.
At the same time, we wanted to fill our pantry wisely, with the most sustainable goods we could. We were tired of mass-produced products with low nutrient value that lacked taste and came from far-away lands.

What seems sustainable about that?

And so PantryWise was born!
We’re here to connect Australian producers with Australian consumers in the most sustainable way. Our vision is a world where every home is stocked with locally produced goods, and each consumer has a real connection with the producer.

So, what do we provide?
💚  Australian made pantry, bath & beauty and household goods.
💚  Hand-selected items from small suppliers.
💚  Sustainable ingredients, materials/packaging and carbon-offset postage.

And how do we choose our products and suppliers?Selection local and sustainable producers processSo, who are we?

We’re a small team of dedicated friends from different backgrounds, who all believe in leaving our planet better than we found it.
We’re passionate about the health, environmental, and local economy benefits that come with shopping local.

We invite you to join us in introducing small lifestyle changes from the center of your home, to slowly live a more sustainable life with ease.

Welcome to our PantryWise Community!